ActiveCollab v5.7.4 – 著名的PHP项目管理系统破解版

ActiveCollab v5.7.4 - 著名的PHP项目管理系统破解版

ActiveCollab – the project management & collaboration tool that installs on your server or local network. activeCollab can help your team be more productive, lose less time to miscommunication, and stay on track, even when they’re stretched across the globe.

ActiveCollab可以利用它轻松地搭建一个包括团队和项目客户能够 在同一个项目上实现相互协作的环境。activeCollab对于项目、团队成员及客户数量没有限制;可针对每一个项目进行单独地权限管理。



A web server capable of running PHP scripts (Apache, IIS, nginx, etc) with mod_rewrite enabled.
HTTP methods (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE) have to be allowed and enabled.
PHP 5.6 or newer, with the following extensions: MySQLi, PCRE, tokenizer, CType, session, JSON, XML, DOM, phar, OpenSSL, GD, mbstring, cURL, zlib, and fileinfo.
MySQL 5.5.3 or newer, with InnoDB and UTF8MB4 support. One empty database is required.
ElasticSearch 1.7.4 and Java are required for search – but Active Collab can still work without them. ElasticSearch version 2.x and up aren’t supported.


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